This Saturday…Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

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This Saturday, December 7th for those of you playing at home, at 9pm you can check out LOTR: Return of the King.

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Hypnotoad Says: You Control the Airwaves

We want to know what your fav episodes of Futurama are because we absolutely could not decide on the top six episodes.

So, being democratic, we at Teletoon at Night decided to let YOU decide what the best six eps of Futurama are. And because we actually love you more than Bender loves himself, we’ll then put those episodes on air every night from 9-10 pm from December 2 to 4.

You can even vote once a day to make sure the absolutely right episodes gets on air.

I know. We’re pretty swell like that.

space pilot
Space Pilot 3000
A simple meet cute in all its glory – a pizza delivery boy gets pranked on new years, falls into a cryo-tube, wakes up far in the future to a beautiful one-eyed alien. What more can you ask for?


Fry and the Slurm Factory
Fry wins a contest that takes the crew on a tour of the Slurm factory…and exposes its terrible secret.

Ass-syrup. Never forget the ass-syrup. This episodes plays on the awesome that is Wonka, and

Roswell that ends Well
The crew lands in 1947. Fry becomes his own grandfather. Zoidberg gets to be the alien the Americans found in the 50s, and absolutely everything ties up nicely in a Bender-stealing-bow.

The biggest takeaway here is: Bender is God. Obviously. After Bender gets into the vacuum that is space, manages to become a god to a tiny race – and subsequently destroy them, we realize one thing: Bender is Awesome.

Jurassic Bark

Look, if you don’t cry at the end of this episode, you’re obviously a monster.

Fry discovers his best pal – his dog – petrified in the future and has the option to clone him. He decides not to because Bender is a terrible person he figures Seymour led an awesome life. Except…Seymour didn’t. He waited every day for Fry to come back…except he never did.

Look, it’s not that I’m crying.

Shut up.


The Problem with Popplers
Who knew the Omicronians were so tasty as baby? That’s what happens when your babies are like popcorn shrimp Omicronians. They get eaten. Lrrr decides to take it out on Leala, and Leela gets saved by the least likely person.

War is the H Word
Loosely based on Starship Troopers, “War is the H-Word” is pretty amazing. Fry and Bender join the military because they think it’s easier…then a war gets started. Leela tries to join but the military has a “men-only” policy – which just gives Leela the best reason to go full-dude and be the best the military ever saw.

Amazon Women in the Mood
Femcomputer has created a world with only Giant Amazonian women – and when Kif crashes their ship on their planet, he, Zap and Fry are ordered to death (by snoo-snoo!).

The Late Phillip J Fry

The Professor creates a time machine that only goes forward – hoping to test it and go forward a minute. Since it’s that Professor that doesn’t happen and they have to keep going forward until they can discover a time machine that can take them back. Meanwhile – the LATE Fry is (again) late for his date. By a couple millennia.

Where No Fan has gone before
This episode is amazing. You should vote for it. Marking one of the first times the whole Trek stars were together in one place: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig, George Takei and Nichelle Nichols AND Next Gen’s Jonathan Frakes it plays with some of the best parts of original Trek episodes. Vote.

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
Look I have two words for you: flying brains. That’s way cooler than flying cars. And these are flying brains that make everyone (except Fry) incredibly stupid. As an added bonus: Hypnotoad.

The series’ sixth-season finale features three animation styles: black-and-white; video-game; and Japanese anime, and lovingly uses all those styles to the height of those advantages.

Murder on Planet Express
The crew are trapped on the ship with a horrific creature. Before all that though, we get a great commentary on terrible office trust exercises. Don’t do trust falls. No one likes them.

Brannigan Begin Again
Brannigan, Begin Again
Zapp, being a super smart dude, cuts a ribbon with a laser – accidentally destroying DOOP headquarters. This means Zapp and Kif are forced to resign… and then get back on top any way possible.

Superhero Costumes You Know You Want To Wear

For those days when you just need your very own, very practical suit – but it just isn’t there.

This is also known as – how popular superheroes would look if they dressed like superheroines. For those days when nipple covers just aren’t quite enough – well, you get the picture.

So we here at Teletoon at Night felt the need to level the playing field. We chose our favourite superheroes (Superman and Bats) and made them stunning new makeovers. Hope you all love them as much as I know I do.

Superman’s artful tears tell you he definitelywon the last fight.

Batman, we love you, just don’t bend over man.