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You know what I like most about the Pilot Project? That the folk here at Teletoon don’t make me lie and say I like everything about it. Cause to be honest, some of the episodes really suck. But that’s what happens when you’re really only given one episode to play with.

Some of them don’t have the time to really develop what it is they’re trying to do; that’s because they’ve only got one shot to do it in. That can be really hard when you’ve got an idea that’s a bit complex. It’s similar to when I tried to compete for Mr Olympia after only training for two weeks. If I’d had more time I could have won and would have lived out my dream of having really small testicles and backne.

Take Space Knights, I found myself just thinking of how good of an idea the writers had. If they were given more time they could have wound up doing something really cool with it. In fact there was a scene in it that had me rewinding and re-watching it a few times. I won’t ruin it for you, but involves “Fort McMoney, Alberta.” (it’s gonna be broadcast on Nov 28 so make sure you watch)

I think the concept for Space Knights is good and would like to see more just to give it a real chance, but I can say that about a few of the different Pilot Projects. Like Dunce Bucket, I know a few of the people involved on that show and they’re really funny. I have no doubt if they were able to bang out a few episodes you’d wind up seeing some really funny sketches.

I have to say the chessboard still makes me laugh. So obvious but just great. I would have loved to have seen them recording the audio for that. I bet the voice actor just kept throwing out lines. Very funny make you sure you keep your eyes peeled for it.

Then there was Drop Dead Gorgeous. I honestly had no clue what was going on. I saw titties everywhere and these girls that I think were in high school getting into a locker. Then all of a sudden there was a couple boning in a change room. I know this sounds weird but that’s what was happening. Sort of like a plot line for a Motley Crew music video if they were on a James Bond soundtrack.

Also, I would be willing to date one of the characters on Ninjamaica. That’s all I’m saying.

The thing that really makes me happy about us airing the various pilots is that I hope it shines some light on Canadian Animators.

There’s a lot of talent in this country and it sucks at how little credit we for it. We watch more American TV than Canadian. I’m not gonna get on a soap box, but anyone who writes comics or animates or any of that stuff knows how many fewer venues we have in Canada than the people south of the border.

So … if you watch any of these and think they blow, why not try and do better. If you don’t know how to animate get some flash software and learn. Who knows, if we ever do another Pilot Project you could find your magnum-opus getting shown on national television.

12 thoughts on “The Pilot Project

  1. Brilliant idea show casing Pilot projects on the network.

    I loved Ninjamaica. Great stuff!!!! halarious for reaaal. I’m a fan of the show. POSTED A LINK ON FACEBOOK for those who missed it.

  2. Ninjamaica is actually a horrible show.

    Making cultural references/weed references/being offensive without a sense of humor is not funny. The writers of the show likely will not understand that, I’m sure they don’t even understand basic mathematics.

    Me and my pals have been watching a few of the pilots, and we were actually disgusted by Ninjamaica being called a “Comedy” cartoon. It’s a spit to the face of the way cartoons have evolved.

    The writers tried to rip off Family Guy’s well known style of cultural references and offensive jokes, yet, they got rid of the funny. If I made a TV show, stood there and showed posters from the 80′s and 90′s, then made offensive remarks toward white people, and once and a while threw in a reference to “4:20,” would Teletoon give me a TV show? Probably. Since that’s what Ninjamaica is.

    I mean, I have nothing against weed, but great job making a show that gives it a bad wrap. Not even smoking a fat one will make Ninjamaica funny. You won’t even smile. You’ll probably get bored. Maybe falling down a staircase and suffering brain damage would make the show funny, but the show had no redeeming qualities. For a show catered toward those eighteen and older, the jokes were written for (and likely by) nine year olds.

    Yeah, Robot Chicken, they got the cultural reference thing down. You see, they can be offensive, they can make a reference, you know why? It’s actually funny. It’s not like a half hour of cartoon cancer like Ninjamaica tries really hard to be.

    Unless the show is an experimentation in avant-garde/surrealist humor, as in, it’s supposed to be so tacky/unfunny that it’s funny, then I don’t understand who was actually capable of making it. It’s horribly bad. It actually makes me feel bad that it’s Canadian, I was really hoping it wasn’t when the credits rolled, considering Canada has a very good name in the animation community amongst the world, with the NFB classics, and other modern pieces.

    Let me wrap this up: It was just bad. It’s boring, unfunny, and it simply tried to hard to act like it tried to little. It’s one of the most uninspired and uncreative cartoons I have ever seen. I know I’m wasting my time typing this, but I’m sure the three minutes I spent on this little rant will get to someone. Hopefully someone who made the show. To which I say: Graduate Junior Highschool.

  3. @Gold Chocobo, Dad.

    Don’t hold back, dude, tell us how you really feel! Hoo boy!

    But seriously, we really appreciate hearing feedback from viewers and do share comments about programs we air with our programming department.

    The Pilot Project is one way that TELETOON showcases the work of Canadian animators, and out of the hundreds of projects we received, we chose to air projects that spanned different and comedy sensibilities. Basically, we wanted to see what would resonate with you guys. So really it’s a bit unique in the sense that it’s completely different every week.

    So if Ninjamaica wasn’t your scene, that’s cool—but I bet you might enjoy one of the other projects we’ve recently aired, like Anogra Napkin or Duncebucket. You can check them out on the Video tab!

    Heather @ TELETOON

  4. Eh yo hush ya mout Nah…..Ninjamaica is a wicked show better then some now a days n its at nigth so kid will be sleepin.

    RObot chicken is not as funny as Ninjamaica no where close just cuz they the own cultural references doesnt mean shit its funny end of story if u like ur 15 mins of randomness go for it but Ninjamaica need to be on air end of story,,………….WHAT THE BUMBA

  5. My favourite was Angora Napkin by a long shot! I’ve been a big fan of Nick Cross since his “Yellow Cake” short, and him teaming up with Troy Little is just incredible!

    As for Ninjamaica, I didn’t like it as much. The animation was pretty standard and the premise was just kind of strange, but not funny strange. It was just kind of a mishmash of racial stereotypes. It was alright though, no disrespect to the people who made it. It just didn’t make me laugh at all.

    I haven’t seen any of the others though…but after Angora Napkin…it will take something really amazing to top that. I hope you’ve got something great up your sleeve!

  6. Listen Man… Ninjamaica!!! Like foreal I know yall gonna fight against it because its black people show! but I was happy with it because… Finally… A JAMAICAN SHOW!!!!!!! I laughed from begining to end! and you fools trying to pretend like JAMAICANS DONT SMOKE WEED LIKE COME ON!! Not all but seriously? RASTA MAN SMOKE WEED! So dont front like your offended or what not! like all comedians say “these just jokes” so stop “gwan stush” I VOTE NINJAMAICA!! Ive been waiting for another episode until I found out it wasnt coming lol please bring Ninjamaica back!

  7. I LOVE NINJAMAICA!!!!! Please don’t take it away… lol i can’t wait to see what happens. That show is hilarious. I made everyone I know watch that episode and they all loved it!!!!!

  8. P.S. that dude above me who hated on ninjamaica obviously doesn’t know what’s funny and takes CARTOONS way too seriously….

  9. I got linked to Ninjamaica by a friend. Absolutely HILARIOUS – my coworkers and I on break checked it out, everyone was laughing. This NEEDS to be picked up and continued! Offensive? There are -way- more offensive shows on TV already.

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