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In high school, Nitz, Gimpy, Cal and Rocko were inseparable. Bound by the fact that they didn’t quite fit into any particular social group, they formed their own. Nitz wanted to be an art student, but he was too uptight. Gimpy wanted to be in the accelerated program, but was too damn crazy. Rocko wanted to play on the football team, but he was too untalented. And Cal… Well, Cal wanted some guy friends, to complement the hundreds of women that surrounded him at all times, but he was too popular with the ladies. Together they kept each other sane, safe, and happy. UNDERGRADS is not only about four very different friends, but it’s also about three very different college experiences. Freshman year at a large university is wildly different than freshman year at a party school, or a tech school for burgeoning evil super-geniuses. The guys all ended up going to schools in the same city, sort of on purpose, sort of not. Through our character’s eyes, we’re going to see how these schools party, raise hell, relax, and everything that comes in between.