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1. How can I find my favourite show?
For a complete schedule of current TELETOON shows, click on the “SCHEDULE” link above.Is your favourite show no longer playing? You’ve probably noticed that the TELETOON schedule is constantly changing. That’s because we often add new shows to our lineup to keep our schedule fresh and sometimes that means we give other shows a bit of a rest. We know it’s sad when the series you love stops playing, but we are sure that you’ll be able to find new favourites amongst all of the fantastic shows on TELETOON!

2. Can you play my show more often, or at a different time?
Many viewers ask us to program their favourite shows differently – sometimes earlier, sometimes later, sometimes more often. Changing the schedule for your favourite show usually isn’t possible, but we do our best to bring you an amazing lineup!
3. What channel is TELETOON or TELETOON Retro on? Can I get TELETOON and TELETOON Retro outside of Canada?
The channel number and availability for TELETOON and TELETOON Retro varies depending on your service provider, so we recommend that you contact your cable or satellite service provider to obtain this information. While we’re thrilled to have international fans, TELETOON and TELETOON Retro are only available in Canada. You can always check out, our award-winning website which is available all over the world!
4. Why can’t I access videos on the video player?
If you are getting an error message when you try to watch videos on, it is most likely because our video player is not available to viewers outside of Canada. If you are from Canada and are getting an error message, we recommend that you try refreshing your screen a few times to get the video player to work. If this doesn’t do the trick the problem may be linked to your Internet service provider, in which case the best thing to do is to contact them directly.
5. How can I get the DVD of my favourite show?
As a broadcaster, we only obtain the broadcasting rights for the series that currently air or used to air on our network. We are not permitted to sell or distribute DVD copies of our shows and for that reason we don’t have much information on where these can be purchased. We suggest you contact the producer or distributor directly, or try searching the web.
6. I entered a contest and I want to know who won. How can I find out?
To find out the names of recent contest winners, click on the “CONTESTS” link above, then click on the “WINNERS” tab. If you don’t see the name of the contest you are looking for, not to worry! There is sometimes a delay of a few weeks between the time a contest ends and the posting of the winners. The contest results you are looking for will be posted soon.
7. Where can I find information about a show that used to air on TELETOON?
Unfortunately, we don’t keep archived information for shows that are no longer on the air.
8. I have a question that isn’t included in the Frequently Asked Questions, how do I find out the answer?
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