We’ve made some changes to our TELETOON at Night schedule

Why the changes?

We have decided to make some strategic changes to our lineup, including the discontinuation of the Fred at Night Daypart.  It sometimes becomes necessary for networks to adjust programming from time to time.  We promise that all changes are the result of careful consideration and are confident that this transition will take our network and our viewers in an exciting new direction.

TELETOON at Night continues to offer late-night entertainment for Canadian animation fans 18+, Monday-Thursday 10pm-12am E/P – including the highly anticipated new season of Archer this Spring.

What happened to Fred?

Fred is fearlessly heading off on his next big adventure!    After 6 great years, the Fred at Night segments will no longer be airing on TELETOON.  Join us as Fred says good-bye to TELETOON at Night on February 25 starting at 10pm E/P. We wish Fred the best of luck as he enters this exciting new chapter!

What will the TELETOON at Night schedule look like now?

TELETOON continues to be the destination for animation fans of all ages. Visit our schedule for the up-to-date details!  https://www.teletoonatnight.com/schedule/